Thursday, June 18, 2009

23: New Things + Other Things

I don't think all of my "new things" will be restaurants I've never tried, but it's working out that way so far.

Two of my best girlfriends and their families live in NW Austin, and suggested Shandeez for an impromptu girls dinner last friday night. I didn't know what to expect, and was a little unsure about finding something I'd want to order. When I think "Persian Cuisine" I imagine a lot of lamb, which I don't eat. But I was pleasantly surprised that they had a lot of different options, and my chicken & beef plate was delicious. The meat was very tender and tasty. One of the gals did order a leg of lamb, and she enjoyed it. We were one of only two tables full of diners that evening (of course, it was 8pm when we arrived), so I'm hoping the place starts to attract more customers. I suspect you have to live in the neighborhood to know about it, because it's a little bit hidden in a strip center. Another great thing about Shandeez: it's BYOB. One of my friends had been out running errands before we met, so she was easily able to bring along one of the bottles of wine she'd picked up. I'd definitely go back.


You know you're busy when your "to do" list has more than one item reading "make list of. . ." Wow, buying a house takes a lot of coordinating! I am hoping to close on Monday. Really, really hoping to close on Monday, since that's the date on my contract. Evidently, the bank (lender) is taking their own sweet time on the process right now. I've rescheduled a fridge delivery twice, and I have floor guys on stand-by. Hopefully, those floor guys will also be understanding about standing by to charge my credit card so that big ol' charge doesn't pop up and derail the closing process. Not that it would, necessarily. Still. Another test of my patience and desire to control everything. Life is a learning process.


I've thought of a lot more things to swap out on my currently list o' 73, I just need to have a few minutes to finish revising. I saw another blog that had a "Life List." Similar idea, but no deadline. I think my next list might be something similar. I've seen other folks who list monthly goals on their blog, and I love that idea to stay on track.