Tuesday, February 10, 2009

#31 Reading

Wowie, I've read SIX books since I last updated my # of books read on my poor little neglected blog. I've officially made it past my goal (36) with about 9 months to go until the end of my 730 days. Hooray for me!

And thank goodness for goodreads. It's been an easy way to keep track of what I'm reading as well as see what other people are enjoying (or not).

Here's the line-up:

Queen of the Road (fun, funny, exactly what I was in the mood to read at the time)
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Everything is Illuminated (read for book club, didn't really like)
Haroun & the Sea of Stories (another book club selection, enjoyable)
Already Dead
The Reincarnationist

A couple of nights ago, I started Lisey's Story. I've only read a chapter each night before I go to bed so far, though, so it might take me a while to get through this one.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Fella. . .

Wow, 2009 is not turning out at all like I'd imagined. More news on that, later. First, a few things about the little fella (nephew #2, who turns 2 in March) since I left him hangin' after the report on his big brother.

--Has formed an Intense Mutual Admiration Society with my dad, his (Grand)Papa. Except, he calls him "Papi." I don't think my dad let that kid's feet touch the ground during his entire first year of life. Little fella is perfectly happy to just spend his time walking around holding on to Papi's thumb or getting carried around the house.

--Is willing to wear any kind of hat. And thank goodness for that, because I sure love to buy hats for little guys. He even wore some felt reindeer antlers on a headband around the house at Christmas time. He just grins and grins when he knows he's being amusing. At New Year's Day brunch, he wore his newsboy hat and generated a thin blueberry moustache for himself with his pancake. So! Stinkin'! Cute!

--Likes to say words with the "oooo" sound. Like "Yelloooooow" and "Nooooope."

--When he wants an apple, he wants a "big." Meaning, he doesn't want it sliced, and he would prefer to eat the peel off before eating any of the rest of the apple. IF he eats any of the rest of the apple.

--Doesn't mind receiving help from others, like when one shoe has somehow come off. I mentioned the missing shoe to him, and he happily found his shoe, handed it to me, and sat down in my lap so I could put it back on.

--Prefers lady action figures. His favorite is a Princess Leah, though he also loves a little Lego lady with a removable blonde ponytail. (In the case of the Lego lady, the only distinguishing characteristic is the hair, which snaps on like her torso and legs snap together.)

--When it's time to say goodbye, Papi generally gathers him up to carry him out to the car. I can sneak in a kiss on the head then, but as soon as he's had enough of me, little fella will shove me away with his foot.

--May be kindof my favorite a tiny little bit. SHHHH!